How to Avoid Identity Theft, Stop Identity Theft or Prevent Identity theft

How to Avoid Identity Theft or Stop Identity Theft or Prevent Identity theft? Identity theft is on the rise and millions of people fall victim everyday. Identity theft robs unsuspected people of their security, their time, their money and most importantly their credit. Read on to learn more about preventing identity theft.

Things You’ll Need:

* A good password schema
* A document shredder is a must


Step1 : Make sure that you always use good passwords that are not easily guessable. Don’t use your name, you kids names or birthdates in your passwords as those are the easiest to guess.
Step2 : Be careful who you give your passwords to. Do not give personal information or passwords to unfamiliar friends or technical support representatives. Beware of ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends.
Step3 : Always use a document shredder to destroy old documents, bills, and credit applications. Dumpster divers are a major source of identity theft.

Tips & Warnings

* Always lock your cell phone when not using it.
* Use a locked mailbox if possible to keep out mail thieves.
* Don’t indulge in online banking or check personal email on public computer (libraries, other people houses, etc.) as key loggers could be installed or hackers could be intercepting your data.

By MrHuguley